Today, I will tell you about how I became a Pilates teacher in less than 12 months and how this career has changed my life. When I first started to learn about Pilates, I was not in the best shape or place in my life. I was self-conscious. I hated my body and was desperate to change my life around. In this blog, I will tell you the exact steps I took in becoming a Pilates teacher and how it has transformed my life.

How Pilates changed my feelings about fitness

I used to hate working out, and I was a major party girl. I was the queen of the nightlife, and I would sleep in till noon. Yes, I was lazy and unmotivated. I belonged to a gym, and I even hired a  trainer to help me lose weight, but still, I hated every minute of exercising. Finally, one day in Miami Beach, I was limping around with a hurt knee, and my roommate suggested I take a low-impact Pilates class to rehab my knee injury. I signed up for my first Pilates class at Jet Set Pilates Sobe, and I loved every second of the Pilates class. I had never enjoyed exercise until my first reformer Pilates class. pilates teacher Jetset

Pilates Teacher Training 

After my first Pilates class, I was hooked, and I could not stop thinking about how great I felt after my workout. The workout endorphins made me feel happy and energetic. I had never felt this way before. My Pilates friend Vivian invited me to take her group Pilates tower – reformer class at Pilates of Boca Raton. The Pilates class was terrific, and after class, I met the studio owner Stephanie Ellis. She asked If I would consider a career in Pilates teaching. At first, I said no, but after a little persuasion and a payment plan option,  I said yes! Pilates teacher The Power Pilates Certification is a $6000 investment. The best decision I’ve made in my life! Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had said no. My intuition told me to say yes and jump in, even though I was brand new to Pilates, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. What I did know is that anytime I was doing a Pilates class, I felt so happy and stress-free. A  feeling that was far and few during that time in my life.

Steps to become  a certified  Pilates teacher 

The first step I took in becoming a Pilates instructor was fully committing to the  600 hours of Pilates Complete Apparatus teacher training. The Pilates training program was a huge time commitment:
  1. Attend a minimum of 25 apparatus sessions – ideally with a classically trained instructor
  2.  Complete the Power Pilates Core Mat I & Core Mat II training
  3. Attend anatomy classes and have a basic knowledge of anatomy.
  4. Memorize exercise names and order
  5.  Attend 5/6 weekend intensives
  6.  24 hours of apprentice meetings
  7. Practice Advanced Mat class weekly
  8. Take Pilates apparatus classes at an additional cost
  9.  Practice teaching with fellow apprentices, family, and friends
  10.  Observe Power Pilates instructors at a studio or online videos
  11. Complete and pass all evaluations before becoming certified.
Hard work pays off To gain more hands-on experience teaching, I taught my friends Mat Pilates for free in my living room. I commuted from Miami Beach to the Pilates studio in Boca Raton 2x a week for one year. I worked two jobs to afford the Pilates teacher training, Pilates classes, gas, etc. I would bartend at night and wake up early for my Pilates class or teach mat Pilates to my friends. I  had no social life for an entire year and worked 7x days a week. I was very lonely at times, and I was not very good when I first began teaching, but I didn’t quit, and I kept going. Halfway through my Pilates training program, I was allowed to apply for my first Pilates job. My first Pilates jobs were at Jet set Pilates and Sobe Pilates. I barely made money the first couple of months. I was an apprentice, and I first needed to learn, observe, and teach at a beginning rate until I gained enough confidence and experience to teach paid clients.

Pilates Body Before and After Transformation

My body was always swollen before I began my  Pilates practice. I used to drink a lot of alcohol and eat whatever I wanted. The more time I spent in the Pilates studio, the healthier I became. Healthy women surrounded me, and most of them were about 10-20 years older than me. I learned how to eat healthy snacks and meal prep from them.

Pilates legs: Before and after 

My legs have always been thick and curvy since the day I was born. Anytime I ran or lifted weights, my legs would automatically bulk up. I never thought I could have lean, strong legs. Through Pilates, weight training, and changing a couple of things in my diet, I have accomplished my dream legs. When I became a pilates teacher

Pilates Career on Fleek

Becoming a certified Pilates instructor opened doors for me. I was able to travel and teach fitness all around the world. In November 2013, I  accepted a job opportunity to open a women’s only fitness center in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I lived and worked in both cities for a year.
Jess at UAE The following year, I moved to Sydney, Australia, and I managed an organic juice shop and taught Pilates and Barre classes at Balance Moves. I loved living in Bondi Beach and have gone back many times to visit my friends. When I moved back to the USA, I was offered jobs in NYC  and San Francisco. I declined both job offers and moved to Southern California. I love the warm weather, and I’m a beach girl at heart. Are you considering a career as a Pilates teacher? Pilates Teacher Becoming a Pilates instructor has been the best decision in my life. It has been a stepping stone for many opportunities, and I have met the most amazing people through the Pilates studios. Every day, I receive new opportunities in health & wellness to expand my reach and work with new clients.  I work for myself, and I get to decide who I want to work with and which projects I want to take on.

No clients = No money

The downside to working for yourself is that you have to hustle and work your butt off to build your reputation, attract new clients, and keep your current clients happy. You must also create a lead generation system to obtain new clients or referrals. Finally, what separates you from being an average Pilates teacher to a fantastic Pilates teacher (who’s in demand & booked out) is how much effort you put into continuing education and staying fresh as a teacher.

Should you become a certified Pilates or Fitness teacher? 

Questions to ask yourself before investing in a Pilates teacher training course:
  1. Do you enjoy doing Pilates or teaching Pilates to people? Most people confuse doing and teaching– there is a massive difference between the two.
  2. How much patience do you have with people?
  3. Are you ok with public speaking and being on camera?
  4. Can you commit to long term success? It will take you at least 12 months of consistent practice before you are a great teacher.
  5. Do you enjoy learning about anatomy?
  6. Do you like connecting with people or touching people’s bodies?
  7. Are you comfortable with clients telling you feedback about their bodies?
  8. Are you ok with feet and sweat? I hated feet when I first began teaching Pilates. I’m obviously past the feet; they don’t bother me anymore.
That’s how I became a Pilates teacher in less than 12 months and took a leap of faith, and transformed my life for the better. Are you considering getting certified in Pilates or Fitness? Comment below if you are a Pilates teacher! If you have any more questions on which Pilates teacher training you should invest in, please drop me a line at info@jgpilates.com

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