Is Reformer Pilates Good For Weight Loss?

Is Reformer Pilates Good For Weight Loss?

Is Reformer Pilates good for weight loss? Reformer Pilates workouts have emerged everywhere and everyone is doing them from NFL players to Meg the stallion plus many more. As a certified Pilates teacher these are one of the most common questions I’m asked from clients: Jess, can I really lose weight with reformer Pilates workouts? How often do I have to do Pilates reformer workouts to see results? 

Hey there, I’m Jess and I’ve been teaching Pilates for 13 years now and I think I’m pretty knowledgeable on this topic to share my Pilates tips with you.  Let’s dive into this hot topic: is reformer Pilates good for weight loss?

What is a Pilates Reformer Workout? 

Is Reformer Pilates Good For Weight Loss?

Reformer Pilates, a distinctive and dynamic system of exercise, leverages a specialized machine known as the Reformer to revolutionize traditional Pilates practice. This workout method combines the foundational principles of Pilates—core strength, flexibility, and controlled movements—with the added resistance of springs and pulleys found on the Reformer. 

The apparatus, equipped with a sliding carriage, straps, and bars, allows for a wide range of exercises to be performed, each targeting specific muscle groups with precision and effectiveness. Unlike traditional mat Pilates, the Reformer introduces a level of resistance training that is adjustable, making it suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. 

The Reformer Pilates workout not only enhances posture, muscle tone, and flexibility but also deeply engages the core, offering a comprehensive, low-impact workout that can be tailored to individual fitness levels and goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your physical strength, recover from an injury, or simply find a balanced and mindful approach to exercise, Reformer Pilates provides a versatile and challenging way to achieve holistic wellness.

How Often Should You Do Reformer Pilates To Lose Weight?

Is Reformer Pilates Good For Weight Loss?

If your goal is to lose weight with Pilates reformer workouts then I would recommend at least 3-4 reformer workouts per week. Consistency is key when it comes to any workout program. My second suggestion is doing cardio Pilates workout with weights. This is my personal favorite way to workout and  maintain my muscle and body shape. Check out my FREE youtube Cardio Pilates reformer workout. I use a set of dumbbells, a resistance band, and a small Pilates ball to intensify the workout. It was a short, fun and challenging workout. 

But before we move forward, I must tell you one very important thing about Pilates reformer workouts. All reformer workouts are split into two camps: Traditional Pilates  also known as classical Pilates  and Modern Pilates also known as Contemporary Pilates. 

Im a trained as a classical Power Pilates teacher, and I when I first began teaching I stuck strictly to this classical system. After 4 years of teaching classical Pilates my energy shifted into contemporary Pilates teaching style. Teaching and doing classical Pilates 100% of the time became boring and repetitive. And my body was craving a different type of movement and I wanted to lose weight.

Classical Pilates workouts are challenging and you will work every single muscle in your body, but its not enough to build muscle and burn fat. I lost weight when I changed my diet, improved my hormones and began incorporating weight training every week. 

Be sure you are signing up for the right Pilates reformer workout if you are looking for weight loss results. If you click on the video below you will see an example of a slow paced Pilates stretch and flexibility reformer workout. This style of reformer Pilates is slow controlled and not a lot of resistance in comparison to my other reformer Pilates workout video above.

Is Reformer Pilates good for losing belly fat?

Is Reformer Pilates Good For Weight Loss?

Is Reformer Pilates effective for losing belly fat? This question often surfaces among fitness enthusiasts looking for targeted fat reduction strategies. Reformer Pilates, with its emphasis on core strength, precision, and controlled movement, is a fantastic choice for those aiming to sculpt and tone their midsection. 

While it’s crucial to note that spot reduction of fat is a widely debunked myth—meaning we can’t choose where to lose fat from—Reformer Pilates contributes to overall fat loss, including the belly area, by enhancing muscle tone and increasing metabolic rate. 

The core-centric exercises performed on the Reformer machine engage the deep abdominal muscles, including the transverse abdominis, which plays a key role in flattening the stomach. Additionally, by building lean muscle mass, Reformer Pilates helps elevate your resting metabolic rate, making your body more efficient at burning calories and fat throughout the day. Combined with a balanced diet and regular cardiovascular exercise, Reformer Pilates can be a powerful tool in achieving a toned and strengthened core, contributing to the reduction of belly fat over time.

 How many calories do you burn in 60 minutes of Pilates Reformer?

Is Reformer Pilates Good For Weight Loss?

While the exact number of calories burned can vary based on factors like your body weight, intensity of the workout, and individual metabolism, a typical 60-minute Reformer Pilates class can torch anywhere from 250 to 450 calories. What’s fantastic about Reformer Pilates is its unique combination of resistance training, flexibility exercises, and core strengthening—all seamlessly blended into one invigorating workout.

This means you’re not just burning calories; you’re sculpting a leaner, stronger physique, enhancing your posture, and boosting your overall energy levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Pilates enthusiast, each session on the Reformer presents an opportunity to challenge your body in new ways, ensuring you’re continuously engaging your muscles and maximizing your calorie burn. So, lace up those sneakers, roll out your mat, and get ready to transform your body and mind with every dynamic Reformer Pilates session!

Pilates Reformer Weight Loss before and after 

I was once where you are now, wondering if I could lose weight with reformer Pilates workouts. I was able to transform my body with Pilates reformer workouts – check out the full story here. 

A total of 5 workouts per week:  2 Classical Reformer Pilates workouts and 3 Classical Mat Pilates Workouts along with a drastic change in my eating habits, sleeping patterns and barely drinking any alcohol. Within 3 months I lost 10 pounds and was feeling great. Unfortunately I plateaued at the year mark. 

If I could go back in time, I wish I could tell 25 year old Jess: Lift weights twice a week, do Pilates 3 per week and eat more protein. I would have fast-forwarded my results and saved years of headaches. 

Yes, reformer Pilates is good for weight loss. Be sure to check out my youtube Pilates reformer workouts, every new Monday I drop a new workout video!

How often should you do Reformer Pilates to lose weight?

Reformer Pilates for weight loss: Aim for at least 2-3 sessions per week.

Does Reformer Pilates reduce belly fat?

Challenging Reformer Pilates workouts can help strengthen deep core muscles and when combined with a healthy diet you can lose weight including reducing belly fat.

What type of Pilates is best for weight loss?

Pilates for weight loss typically involves a combination of cardiovascular exercises and high-intensity Pilates workouts like dynamic Pilates or Pilates circuit training.

Why am I not losing weight with Reformer Pilates?

There can be several reasons why you are not losing weight with Reformer Pilates. Some possibilities include:

Diet: Your diet plays a crucial role in weight loss. If you’re not in a calorie deficit, you may not lose weight even with exercise.

Intensity: Reformer Pilates can vary in intensity. If your workouts are not challenging enough, you may not be burning enough calories to promote weight loss.

Frequency: Consistency is key when it comes to weight loss. If you’re not doing Reformer Pilates frequently enough, it may not have a significant impact on your weight.

Muscle gain: Reformer Pilates can help build lean muscle mass, which weighs more than fat. As you gain muscle, the scale may not show a significant decrease, even if your body composition is changing.

Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions or medications can affect weight loss. It’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional if you suspect any underlying issues.

Remember, weight loss is a complex process influenced by various factors. It’s essential to take a holistic approach, including a balanced diet, consistent exercise, and overall lifestyle habits, for sustainable results.

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