What working with busy moms has taught me

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I have been teaching Pilates to busy moms since 2011, and I have learned what motherhood is through my amazing clients.

Many people may think watching kids all day is pretty straightforward and stress-free!

I believe being a mother is one of the most challenging roles a person can take on.

  • Being a mother is more demanding than having a job 

A mother’s role never stops, you are on call 24/7, and you don’t get to clock out. Most days, your energy is spread between cooking, cleaning, cuddling, errands, etc.

If you are a working mom, you are spread even thinner! Motherhood is one of the most underrated “jobs” a woman can do. I don’t know how you do it. Major props to you, busy mom!

  • Hiding in closets help save your sanity

As a busy mom, hiding out in your pantry or walk-in closet for a couple of minutes of peace is entirely normal.  Hiding out for a couple of minutes will save your sanity and help you avoid blowing up, especially on those special days when the kids are super annoying.

  • Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom 

Have you ever added up the number of times your kids and husband will call your name? I’m sure it’s a lot. Your kids will continuously ask you random questions throughout the day. Why? Please stop!

  • Eating your kid’s leftovers is normal.

Busy mom eating kids leftover

All of your kids are picky eaters and will not eat the same thing. Who has the time or energy to cook 3x different meals for one meal? You end up eating your kid’s leftovers because sometimes that’s just easier than meal prepping for yourself.

  • FINDING BALANCE as a busy mom is not as easy as you think

Busy mom guilt

Mom’s guilt is real! I always have to remind my busy moms that you can’t pour from an empty cup! Why is it so hard for busy moms to self-care for themselves and not feel guilty?


Busy moms juggle so many things and can shockingly operate on minimal sleep. Eight hours of sleep sounds too good to be true, and an opportunity to sleep 8 hours is quickly seized.

  • All moms have a sixth sense.

I could never fake it in my Pilates classes if I were having an off day. You busy moms could take one look at me and know something was off.

Busy mom sixth sense
What the heck?! Seriously, how can you read my mind? There’s no bullshitting a busy mom– she knows what’s up.

  • What is “me time”?

Never enough hours in the day, You give 110 % to your family and 2% to yourself. I have trained thousands of women, and they prioritize their families over their self-care. I understand it’s hard to find “me time” after a long day of work and being with the kids.

  • Mom, Chef, Uber Driver, Nurse, Teacher, and career woman

How can one person juggle so much?! I can barely juggle my own life, and busy moms manage an entire household, a career, their husbands, and appointments. 

  • Thanks, Hunny

Your husband will try to “help you,” and his intentions are there, but why does it end up being more work for you in the end? He cooked dinner, and now the kitchen looks like a bomb went off.  

Thank you, Hunny, for “helping out.”

Mad Respect

I have an enormous amount of respect and love for busy moms. The job is never-ending, and the amount of love busy moms give to their children and family is astonishing. Motherhood is one of the most beautiful things! 

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