The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Postpartum Recovery

Healthy Postpartum Recovery: You’ve made it through 9 months of pregnancy and the long hours of childbirth are finally behind you. Congratulations! You’re officially a mom.

But it’s not over yet. Like a bad hangover, transitioning from pregnancy to postpartum brings a variety of symptoms and troubles. Here’s our ultimate guide to a healthy postpartum recovery.

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What To Expect During The Postpartum Period?

Healthy Postpartum Recovery

No matter how you have birth, the first few weeks are tough. During pregnancy and delivery, your body has been stretched and stressed to the max, and it needs time to recover. Keep in mind that the experience is different for everyone, and everyone recovers at a different rate with different symptoms. 

While most symptoms like backaches and perineal pain may continue for weeks, pelvic floor dysfunction might stick around unless you do something about it.

Tips For A Healthy Postpartum Recovery

The following tips can help you speed up postpartum recovery, so you can heal faster and better:

1. Cherish Your Free Time

Healthy Postpartum Recovery

No medicine is better than deep rest during postpartum recovery.
Unfortunately, though, your baby probably won’t understand the delicacy of your situation and will cry for you at the oddest of times. It’s best to follow your baby’s schedule and sleep whenever they do, especially during the first 6 weeks post-delivery.

2. Self-Reflection
Healthy Postpartum Recovery

It’s easy to lose yourself after childbirth and accept all the changes that come with it. While changes are inevitable, this doesn’t mean things can’t go back to the way they were before.

You will often find yourself overwhelmed and panicky with your newly acquired responsibilities. So, try to reward yourself with at least 10 minutes of alone time every day, just to take a breather and calm the nerves.

With daily meditation, exercise, and gentle activities, you can carve your path to a quick recovery.

3. Do Your Pilates
Healthy Postpartum Recovery

Pilates is perfect for helping moms through postpartum recovery and strengthens your pelvic floor. Apart from physical benefits, pilates increases mental health, improves attention spans, and boosts motivation. It is one of the safest forms of exercise for new mums to rebuild inner core strength and control. 

Most new moms aren’t happy with their postnatal bodies. Pilates can bring back lost confidence by teaching you to focus on what’s happening inside you and not worry about physical appearances.

4. Eat Well
Healthy Postpartum Recovery

You might feel the urge to let go of yourself by continuing to satisfy your pregnancy cravings. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you ignore fitness and health. Eat five small meals a day with a combination of carbs and protein, plus plenty of fiber by eating fruits and veggies. 

Increase your water intake, and skip wine and coffee, which can affect your sleep. Yes, you’ve been patient for 9 months, but it’ll do you more good to hang on just a bit longer.

5. Keep Moving
Healthy Postpartum Recovery

After your delivery, whether it be vaginal or a C-section, even moving slightly might seem like you’ve been asked to move mountains. The quickest route to speeding up postpartum recovery is to keep moving.

Start taking short walks to boost circulation-, stroll around the house, or even in your neighborhood. Now might be the best time to invest in a stroller, so that you can take your baby with you, too!

Healthy Postpartum Recovery With Pilates

Have you tried postpartum Pilates? Most new moms are too tired and exhausted to find the motivation to do it on their own. So, the best way to help you reach your goals faster is to hire an experienced trainer. 

Email today for a healthy postpartum recovery program with postpartum meal planning and Postpartum Workout Program. 


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