The Simple (And Quick) At Home Glute Workout You’ve Been Looking For

The Simple And Quick At Home Glute Workout

Do you feel like your booty and stomach have become soft over Covid-19?


The glute workout always seems to take a back seat after a long day.

The endless Zoom meetings, long quarantine days, and homeschooling our kids? YIKES.



There are many things we cannot control, but we can control how much exercise we do to stay healthy and strong. Maintaining our mental health and managing stress during these times is very important. 


At home, Glute training will make you instantly feel better after a long day on Zoom.


Glute Activation (glute workout) – The must do warm-up if you want a stronger lower body

Just as you warm up the rest of your body for a workout, it is important to activate (or ‘fire up’) your glute muscles prior to exercise.

Most of us have become very sedentary over the last couple of months, and  If you are sitting all day long, you probably have sleepy glutes or glute amnesia. 

 If you want to actually see results from your workouts, it would be best if you activate them correctly using a light to medium booty band before hitting the dumbbells. 

5 simple moves to grow a bigger booty

The foolproof and easy way to activate your glutes and work your core at the same time is by lying on the ground and doing Pilates clams & Side Leg Lifts.

By doing these 2 exercises first, you are activating the correct muscles needed in order to strengthen the glutes and then build bigger glutes. If your glutes don’t activate, you will never grow a bigger butt or restore balance in the body from sitting in a chair all day.  

All you need is a set of dumbbells and a booty band for this at home glute workout. Try and eliminate any distractions so you can focus on form. 

Exercise 1 Pilates Clam                      Exercise 2 Pilates Side Leg Lifts  

Exercise 1 Pilates Clam Exercise 2 Pilates Side Leg Lifts

Do 15x per position. 15 clams + 15 Pilates Side Leg Lifts 

Use a light to medium resistance band and move your leg slowly. 


-Push the hips away to lift the bottom waistline.

-Brace the core and exhale on exertion, exhale as you lift the leg. 

-Make sure you do each side. 30 reps per side.


-Hips & Pelvis are not aligned. 

-Using momentum or jerking the leg.

-Rocking the hips forward/back.

-Abs or belly relaxed. 

Are you ready for more booty building?  

Ok, let’s move onto exercise #3  glute bridges. 

At home, you can do these on a bench or the edge of your couch. 

If you are new to working out or have not exercised in a while, please begin with body weight and on the floor. Be mindful of the lower back when lifting and lowering the hips on/off the ground to avoid a lower back injury. 

Exercise 3 glute bridges Exercise 3 glute bridges

Use a light to medium resistance band and keep tension in the booty band by pressing your legs outwards.  

Do 15x hip lift and lowers.

Hold the hips halfway and do 15x butterfly pulses outwards. (pressing the legs outwards) 


-Brace the core and exhale on exertion, exhale as you lift the hips. 

-Use your hips to drive the motion, NOT the lower back. 


-Move too fast or use momentum. 

-Internally rotating the knees.

-Abs or belly relaxed. 

-Arching the low back.

Alternating reverse lunges with dumbbells- exercise #4.

Alternating reverse lunges

How to do it?

Hold your dumbbells to your side and step one leg into a deep lunge. While exhaling, push off the front heel and step back into the starting position. 

Immediately step the opposite leg back. Continue this motion for a full 60 seconds. 


-Exhale as you step up.

-Keep the spine lifted and tall.

-Keep your core braced.

-Keep your hips/Pelvis leveled.


-Move fast.

-Lean forward.

-Relax the core.

Too hard?

Are you struggling to maintain balance?  Try a stationary lunge for 30 seconds instead of alternating. 

Exercise #5 Plank


Come down to a plank position, brace your core, and engage the glutes. Exhale and slowly lift the right leg 4 inches off the ground 8x times. 

Reset and repeat on the other side. 


Exhale as you lift the leg.

Keep the ribcage in.

Move slow and with control.


Round upper back.

Let the belly or ribcage hang out.

Sink in the lower back.

How to get the fastest results from at-home glute workouts

I would recommend doing exercises 1-5 back to back. Rest for 1-minute, drink water, and repeat all over again. The glute circuit and reps are not that long, therefore I would encourage you to challenge yourself with a pair of dumbbells that will safely enable you to break a sweat and maintain your form. Remember it’s not necessarily how long you exercise for, it’s the amount of effort and energy you put out during your workouts. 

The fastest results I’ve seen in my own body are from 30 minutes of Glute & Ab High-Intensity Interval Workouts. I don’t enjoy every minute of the workout, but I do love the way I feel afterward and I feel very comfortable in my own skin every day! 

Complicated exercises are not always better. As you can see, this is a simple and effective at-home glute building circuit to see results. The best way to stay healthy and lose weight at home is to add more lean muscle to your body.

If you are looking to invest in an at-home piece of equipment, go check out the X3S Pro from The Abs Company. This simple machine delivers the best design for complete abs, glute, and core workouts.

Why buy three different products when you can use one? 

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