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After my neck surgery last year, I was forced to change my regular workout routine at the gym. Training with Jessica has been interesting, challenging and rewarding. Her expertise in Pilates rehab and attention to detail has helped me regain my mobility, while maintaining my overall strength. It’s been a pleasure working with her!
Timothy Noonan
Beverly Hills, CA
I had the most incredible booty sessions with Jess, the peach queen. I'm getting ready for my next bikini body competition and its all about the " glute ham tie- in." We worked all of that and they were on fire! I love the way she teaches, her positivity and she made sure I did all the movements correctly. I will definitely be back for more.
Sandra Jersby
Los Angeles, CA
Being Older, and fighting my way back to health, I was nervous about being trained. My anxiety was quickly put to rest by Jessica's welcoming professionalism, and subsequent sessions. She took her time, moved me and assisted me in adjusting any of the exercises that needed fine tuning either harder or easier, depending on the muscle group being worked on. I look forward to our next session and finally being able to tie my shoes!
Jason Kushel
Santa Monica, CA
Jessica is one of the finest fitness, health & wellness professionals with whom I’ve ever had the pleasure of training. Following my divorce, I was really struggling with my self esteem. Despite knowing better, I was making poor food choices and not giving my body the movement it craved. I remember feeling stuck in cycle of self-loathing and procrastination. As soon as I was willing to acknowledge that I needed some help - I knew Jess was my girl. Just the act of committing to the first session with Jessica helped me begin to feel better. Jessica didn’t just look at my body and run down a list of exercises to improve my problem areas - she gave me a holistic evaluation including diet, exercise and mindset. I was really impressed with her professionalism and depth of knowledge in each realm. Throughout our workouts and follow up conversations, Jessica was compassionate while still being tough - consistently holding me to a higher standard until I could regain those standards for myself. As a result of our work, I’ve lost 10 lbs, my waist is 2” thinner, my skin has cleared up and I’m finally beginning to feel like myself again. I have more energy, excitement and determination not just for my personal fitness goals, but also for my interpersonal and professional life as well. I’m certainly not perfect, but I definitely found my mojo and got my groove back! I look forward to continuing my training with Jessica. My goals include to lose another 10 lbs, improve my diet and strengthen my left hip for greater biomechanical stability. In turn, I know this journey will help me continue to grow the love and respect for myself.
Joscelyn Wippern
Los Angeles, CA
I met Jessica several years ago, and I have to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her blossom into the fitness guru that she is today. I'am a huge lover of Pilates here in Miami and she has a lot to do with that. She taught me form and how to enjoy the process of getting strong. She is super knowledgeable about the body and nutrition and I HIGHLY recommend her. She will totally help transform your SELF. Love you girl! Thanks for everything that you are!
Elizabeth Canler
Miami Beach, FL
I’m 64 years old and Jessica Guevara has given me the opportunity to enjoy my favorite sport, playing golf again. I now have greater flexibility and a much stronger core without any back pains. Working with Jes, has enabled me to be more in touch with my body. Her in depth knowledge enables her to focus on much needed areas that I would not work on my own. Training with Jessica unique style motivates me with her positive attitude and is a great start for my day.
Jeffrey Berkley
Beverly Hills, CA
I’m obsessed! Jessica is by far the best! I have been taking her online class for the past 2 years and I love the way my body looks and feels. I have lower back issues due to sitting at a desk for 10 + hours a day, our sessions have helped me to have no pain, better posture and overall strength. Her welcoming approach and experience is the perfect combination for an amazing Pilates instructor. Her music selection and upbeat personality makes each class unique and fun- her class is the only exercise that I look forward to.
Suzy Sandoval
Manhattan, NYC
A few years ago I decided to start taking care of myself. I've had numerous injuries to consider, so a friend suggested I try pilates. Well more I was dragged along. I have shocking knees, no cartilage, bulging discs in my back and general injuries, so while I've always been active, my aches and pains causing limps and more held me back. My physical therapist was thrilled when she heard I was going to try pilates. So there I discovered the best thing ever. With the right instructor, I have discovered a new lease on life. It has seriously changed my life. I had so little strength prior. Core strength...what's that? Same with most of my muscles. So now I have not only developed incredible awareness, my strength is great. With all that I have developed and now thrive on, I have dramatically reduced the effects of my injuries. My physical therapist calls me her success story, what Pilates has done for me is more than any treatment could. Building up each muscle group has helped counteract many of my injuries. What's great is that with pilates, I'm able to work around my knee injuries and still create strength without risking their stability. Using resistance, instead of pure weights I have developed fabulous muscle definition also. I have never been happier and I owe it all to Pilates and Jess my amazing teacher.
Carolyn Ziegler
Sydney, Australia
I am a full time working mother of three. I am 6 1/2 months post partum from natural child birth but I had a C-section with my middle child 2 1/2 years ago and core recovery has been challenging since. I have low back issues so strengthening my core is very important to me and my lower back. Jessica has helped me focus on my core through all types of exercise including Pilates, Yoga, and many other exercises with low weights. I love watching her because her personality is infectious and it really motivates me to work out when I am just exhausted and not feeling it. You can really tell that she loves what she is doing by helping people reach goals and target areas that people HATE working on...like abs! I take her to the gym or my living room and my core is showing results because I can now see definition that I haven't seen in YEARS! My back pain has decreased tremendously and I have more energy to chase my children around. And let's not forget my rear, she has motivated me to work on my booty and I am actually loving it! I am anxious to see that she is going to give me a booty! Thanks Jess!.
Jennifer Buttice
Carmel, Indiana



Are you able to stay motivated during weight loss? Sometimes we start losing weight with a diet and exercise plan, but we don't finish. By using a holistic fitness strategy, you will find it a little easier to stay motivated, and reach your weight loss.


Do you find it challenging to stick with a program or habit? A trainer can hold you accountable and help you overcome all the excuses you might use to avoid your commitment to exercise. It's a lot harder to skip a workout when you know someone is waiting for you.

Avoid Injury

If you are new to exercise or find that some movements are painful, it is worth hiring a trainer to be sure that you are moving safely and effectively. Taking the time to learn proper exercise technique can improve your results and prevent annoying injuries.

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