Hey sexy mama, and welcome to weeks 10-12! I can’t believe how fast these last couple of weeks have flown by and how much you have achieved in a short amount of time.

It’s time to grab medium to heavy dumbbells and SWEAT! Over the next 21 days, you will be doing three rounds of every workout. And you finally get to Plank and crunch, remember not to use your neck while crunching. Dont forget to breathe and take water breaks when you need them.
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Which is the best way to do the workouts?

Always begin with Fit Ball Workout and pick 1 workout video.  By beginning with the fit ball work out you are setting the tone by connecting to your body.  Make this the warm-up to your workout.

How many days a week should I workout?

To see results I would recommend doing at least 4x workouts per week. Do each workout video at least 1x per week. Feel free to repeat any of the workouts  throughout the week. 

How can I make the exercises harder?

You can add a 1 pound  ankle weight, medium to heavy dumbbells, and a stronger booty band to intensity the exercises. Rule of thumb you can only add more weight as long as you can maintain correct form & breathe correctly during each exercise.

How can I make my workouts longer?

Each workout video has about 1-2 rounds (except for fat-burner which is 3x rounds) . You can add another round to create a “circuit style workout” by doing this, the workout is longer and more intense.

How do I know If I’m doing the exercises correctly?

The key is to connect your mind to your body by breathing correctly. By using the Pilates props, and moving SLOW during the exercises will result in the “deep slow burn”.

I want to see faster results.

I recommend doing the fat burner 2x a week, this workout is designed to make you sweat in a safe way. Please make sure you have eaten properly and hydrated before you begin workout. Eating portion controlled meals that are packed with nutrients will lead to weight loss.

How do I measure my progress at home?

To measure progress at home, take into consideration:
1- Stamina, during exercises, can you maintain your form to the last rep?
2- How long is the transition between exercises?
3- How heavy are dumbbells you are using for the exercises?

The goal is to work up to the full reps with form. Track your time | reps | rest to monitor your improvement week by week.

When can I add heavier weights?

Once you can complete the entire workout start to finish with minimal breaks and “perfect form”  Increase the weights / resistance.  If you feel like you have lost your form by adding resistance, you need to stop and lower the weight/ resistance. 

Weight training will add more muscle to your body and muscle burns fat 🙂 The key is to SAFELY & steadily progress the workouts each week to lose the baby weight and not have any setbacks.


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