12 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

I feel most comfortable is in my Pilates/wellness bubble

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard to believe everything you read on the internet these days. 

My 60-second Instagram videos and pictures are 2% of who I am. 
Well, it’s not as easy as you think it is to be vulnerable on the internet these days. 

Here are a couple of things about me that you would have never guessed about me.

1. I have lived all around the world in over seven major cities.

Jess at UAE Jess at Australia 

New York City, Miami, Las Vegas, Miami Beach, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sydney, Orange County, and Los Angeles. I want to live overseas again one day. Living abroad has been the most fantastic experience for me. I encourage everyone to sell everything and go for it.

2. My first language was Spanish.

My first language is Spanish

On my first day of kindergarten, I spoke zero English. When the teacher was teaching, or the kids would try to play with me, I didn’t understand a word! My teacher caught on, and I was transferred to an ESL kindergarten class. By 1st grade, I was speaking English, but I still struggled with my grammar. 

I’m grateful for this experience in a weird way. I know firsthand how frustrating it can be when you don’t understand but want to learn. I have a lot of patience as a teacher and compassion for those who are slow learners.

3. I was timid as a kid. 

My worst nightmare was speaking or presenting in front of the classroom. Mean girls bullied me in school, and I was too scared to defend myself. 

I would have never thought I’d grow up to be an online wellness content creator and post videos every day on the internet. I have ZERO problems defending myself these days to internet trolls. I wish a bitch would…

4. I’m Full Blooded Colombian

I'm Full Blooded Colombian

Most people assume that I’m mixed, but I’m not. My parents were born and raised in Colombia and their parents as well. I was born in Queens, NYC, and raised in a Spanish speaking home with Colombian traditions.

5. 50% Introvert 50% Extrovert

I can spend the entire day in bed, in pajamas reading and googling

I prefer to be by myself versus people. My job is very social, and there is a lot of energy put out between videos and engaging on social media.

I’m a social butterfly and love connecting with people, but I must have my downtime. I can spend the entire day in bed, in pajamas reading and googling. Lounging in bed is my favorite way for me to “recharge my batteries.” 

6. I hate being cold

I hate being cold

I’d rather be hot than cold. During winter, you will find me in the most oversized jacket with 20x layers underneath. I think it’s my roots, and we are hot blooded and tropical!

 7. I‘m an empath and can read people’s energy 

I enjoy spending time with high vibration people

I have a solid intuition and meditate every day.

When I meet someone for the first time, I can feel and sense their vibrations and intentions. I enjoy spending time with high vibration people and I stay away from low vibrating people. Their toxic vibes make me feel uneasy about being around them. 

8. I do not like being the center of attention. 

Unless I’m in my “expert zone”, sharing helpful content and not just about me, I do not like being the center of attention. The place where I feel most comfortable is in my Pilates/wellness bubble.

I feel most comfortable is in my Pilates/wellness bubble

9. The one thing I love the most and need is FREEDOM.

Freedom and exploring is the most prominent driving force in my life, which is why I have lived all around the world and launched an online business. I’m not married with kids– Yet. 

The one thing I love the most and need is FREEDOM

I have prioritized my career, personal growth, and traveling over having a family. Life is short, and I want to create as many memories and experiences as possible for myself.

10. I’m a straightforward person.

I’m a black and white person– I’m not too fond of the gray area. My emotions are pretty transparent. I do not hide or conceal my feelings and pretend to be happy and bubble 24/7.   

It’s not healthy to push down or swallow your emotions and pretend everything is ok. For years I used to act like I was “fine,” but deep down inside, I wasn’t ok. In a world full of smoke and mirrors– What you see is what you get and that’s something you should know about me.

11. I hated school and was a slow learner.

I barely graduated high school and attended two semesters of college. School, for me, was not a positive experience. I was a slow learner, and I always needed tutoring. I dreaded being called on during class, probably because I never knew the answer or hated public speaking. 

Fast forward to today, I built my website and have built websites for clients. I can teach in Spanish and English, and I enjoy reading every day. It turns out I’m smart, and I was bored with the traditional school curriculum. I believe anything is possible in this day and age if you commit to greatness, take action, and improve your daily habits.

12. I love partying and having fun.

I love partying and having fun.

Most people assume I’m a vegan or don’t drink alcohol. I’m not vegan, and I love going out to dinner and lounges. I grew up in Miami and Las Vegas– we know how to have fun! My perfect day is being on a boat or beach with my closest friends, drinking tequila, and listening to house music.

I hope you enjoyed these fun facts about me!

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